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DVF: Welcome to the DvfstyleCollective, please tell me about yourself and background, I want to know everything  (laughs) well as much as possible  (smiles)

Nick: (Laughs) My name is Nicholas Onyekachi Curban I hail from Anambra state, Nigeria. I'm from a family of eight and I happen to also be the last child of the family
I'm a tall guy, my height is 6'2 and my current weight is ninety, I'm quite the reader, I really enjoy reading my dictionaries, I'm also a fitness lover, so I love working out. In my spare time, I like to watch movies and eat, I'm a foodie (laughs). One of the major things that I dislike is pride as well as an excessive talkative, lies and a liar
My top career goal is to be a multi-billionaire model and actor, I hope that's enough information for you? (Laughs)

DVF: Definitely a lot of information but not enough, (laughs) but thanks. So tell me about your childhood and what your fondest childhood memories are?
Nick: Childhood was fun for me, I was just like any other kid, I had lots of friends, I played way too much and I loved to watch and play football, I still love it. 

Growing up, I was a very naughty stubborn child, I was basically spoiled when I was younger (laughs) I was always scolded and beaten (laughs) and despite that, I was still strong-headed and very playful, one of my fondest childhood memory is of the time I drank whiskey for the first time and getting drunk.
I was so high to the extent that I wasn't even seeing the road clearly anymore and my mum was upstairs at our house and she had seen me all the way downstairs and immediately could tell what was going on

I remember that she slapped me in the face that day (laughs) and you know when you're high you kind of don't feel anything, so she gave me a slap and I was still laughing, it was crazy, it was almost like I had gone mad (laughs). So basically..... growing up was fun, it was quite okay.
I recall being loved by so many families in the neighborhood, I was like the white little boy in the neighborhood that everybody loved even though everybody knew that I was stubborn, I wasn't even called Nick as a kid but by my native name Onyekachi
One of my favorite things to do as a child was jumping over fences, playing football and running about in school and I got injured a lot of times from the rough playing, oh my God, there was a lot of rough playing.
My childhood dreams and aspiration was and has always been to be on TV, honestly, I did not even have any dreams when I was a child (laughs) all I knew was just to play, play and play (laughs) but I always wanted to make my parents proud, be on TV and be an actor and a model, just be everywhere and have people recognize me and I wanted to be a mentor to be a lot of people and have people look up to me and have them say I want to be like this guy, I want to be like Nick.
So even though as a kid I hadn't fully come to the realization of what I was I was gearing towards, I still kind of sub-consciously knew that I wanted to be in the spotlight and be an entertainer in some sort of way                                                           

DVF: That sounds like a pretty fun and interesting childhood you had there (smiles). So you made mention of the dictionary and how you often read it and I've been wondering why you like reading it so much though?
Nick: As an actor and someone who works in the entertainment industry in general, I feel like it's only befitting that I get my vocabularies and word pronunciations right. And where better to learn all of that than in the dictionary 

DVF: Tell me what were your first steps towards actualizing these dreams and at what age did your journey towards this path actively begin?
Nick: Ummm..... I can't remember the exact age that it all began but I recall that as a kid I tried getting into kiddies reality shows and stuff like that

DVF: That's nice, so you would go for auditions?

Nick: Yeah

DVF: I feel like you were that kid who performed in the church drama's, school plays, probably was in the choir and also danced

Nick: (Laughs) wrong!  
DVF: Oh no, I am?... but why not though, the Church is like the major training ground for most entertainers. Were you not really the Church going kid?

Nick: Oh I was. Yeah... I loved going to Church as a kid cause I'm a Catholic and we attend church services often and there was always some children or teens shows all the time

DVF: But you never participated?  

Nick: No, I just liked going for the girls (laughs)
DVF: Oh no, shame Nick 🙈

Nick: 😂 As a kid, I was loved a lot by women

DVF: Really? Why I'm I am not surprised by that huh! (laughs)

Nick: Even older women always were attracted to me

DVF: I bet they still do though

Nick: Yeah, childhood was crazy

DVF: And now you've probably made things worse for them by getting all fit and muscular (laughs)   
Nick: (Laughs)... Nah I'm just on my own, doing my thing (smiles) 

DVF: Yeah right! (smiles). Okay so at what year did your career officially kick-off?

Nick: I'd say 2014, I was passionate about modeling and I knew that I had the good looks and people would often say to me that I would make a good model so I decided that it was time to go for it.
I began to constantly go for auditions and things began to pick up, I got selected and booked for commercials like the one I did for Mc Dowells and for The Voice Nigeria

As well as Regal Dry gin and a series of Coca Cola Adverts, I've also been a male video vixen and featured in about four music videos where I played the leading man and love interest and then I went on to feature in the African magic series Tinsel and Hustle and in movies like Abuse, Out Of Sight, Orunsewa and my latest yet to be released movie Palava directed by Desmond Elliot. I have also modeled for clothing brands like Nacks Apparel, Konibbles and most recently KingzMen Clothiers

DVF: Which characters have been your favorite that you've had to play so far in movies? 

Nick: Playing a serial killer in the movie Out of Sight and also when I played a fiance on the TV show Hustle 

DVF: Was there an actual kill scene where your character killed or was the serial killer tag more of a spoken thing in the movie?

Nick: Oh yeah, there was killing

                                   PHOTOS FROM NICK'S COCA-COLA COMMERCIAL

DVF: Exactly why is playing a serial killer one of your favorite roles Nick, should I be worried here? (laughs)

Nick: (Laughs) Nah, not at all. It's just that I love the fact that I got to play character murdered

DVF: Really?. But that's not really a good thing
Nick: Yeah, I know that (laughs) but it's one of those characters that I've just always wondered what I'd be like or how I'd look like playing a mean spirited person or as the bad guy so basically it's been like a fantasy role for me to play the villain in a movie and I got the chance to live out that fantasy, I plugged out a lady's eyeballs with a knife. It was awful but I enjoyed playing the bad guy (laughs)

DVF: (Laughs) That's awful but I understand what you mean, but if you could only pick one between you playing a fiancé 🆚 the serial killer (the good guy role 🆚 villain) which is the ultimate favorite?
Nick: I'd have to go with Playing the Fiancé

DVF: Awww, you prefer the good guy, what's the name of the movie?

Nick: Well it's more of a series than a movie but it's African magic's "Hustle"

DVF: Oh, I know it, it's a nice show, a very funny cast. Sadly I haven't watched the episode or episodes you featured in but I do watch it. Speaking of featuring in a series, what was it like featuring on a show like Tinsel, how was that whole experience of working on such a well recognized and celebrated African TV show alongside some of the most celebrated Nollywood stars, do you get starstruck around them? 
Nick: It was a guest appearance, it was an awesome experience but when it comes to the aspect of working with such stars, I wasn't like mind blown or anything like that. 

Obviously, I get star struck but not in the typical fan crazy or super excited way, I'm more appreciative and thankful of the moment and I tend to focus more on getting the job done and seeing them as more of colleagues and for me that surpasses any feelings of being all star-struck.

They are always so nice and welcoming that it just makes you feel like one of them plus I already feel like and know that I am also a star (not to be cocky or anything) even though I might not yet be where I would love to be, I'm well on my way and that already is a major confidence boost for me

DVF: I like that, very professional and mature of you 
Nick: Yeah, thanks..... I mean I've worked with someone like Desmond Elliot who is one of the biggest Nigerian celebrities out there and is one man that I really look up to in this industry and I was chilled when I met and worked with him for the first time. 
If I could be that chilled when I met him, I'm definitely the same with the rest of them

DVF: I see your photos with him, you're with him a lot and you seem to genuinely like him

Nick: Yeah I do and the funny thing is when we met, I can't even really recall how I introduced myself but we naturally just clicked and since then it's just been awesome working on projects with him and I can honestly say that he's the one person who I really was star struck by
DVF: That's really nice and even more so is the fact that you've gotten to work so closely and observed and obviously learned from someone you've always admired and looked up to 

Nick: Yeah, very true. He's a very special man to me, we have a genuine friendship, he's allowed me to work in five of his movie projects so far, I've learned from him that being in a place of respect, power, and fame like he is shouldn't stop you from having humility and tolerance, he's really like a father figure to me
DVF: That's truly amazing..... he meets lots and lots of equally talented people out there who want to be in this industry so badly so why you, why do you think he has taken so much interest in you, mentoring you and being so particularly involved in the growth and success of your career thus far?
Nick: Honestly I do not have the answer to that but like I said before we met and just clicked, I never thought that we'd get this close, I never did

DVF: That's just awesome, it's funny how life works (smiles).

So when working with stars do you feel pressure to do an extra good job because of the line up of people you have to keep up with? 

Nick: Yeah you know naturally I have to feel that pressure actually because you want to impress everyone and be memorable in a good way, but the major thing is that I used to go through was that I'd get scared of fucking up when I'm acting with them but now, not anymore

DVF: What helped to get you through that phase? 

Nick: Constantly acting with them and like I said earlier, the fact that they are mostly nice and welcoming makes it all really easy

DVF: You don't have any professional training in acting, what personal processes have you been able to go through to prepare and build yourself up into becoming a good actor

Nick: I've been training myself, I've studied the body of work of a few of my mentors and I have watched and studied a lot of online tutorials on acting and I also do a lot of monologues.

I sometimes sit down or stand in front of the mirror and do different expressions and reactions, basically the normal amateur self-training process that every self-taught actor goes through (laughs) 

DVF: Do you have anyone who you consider as a mentor in acting?

Nick: Locally my mentor right now is for sure Desmond Elliot while internationally It would definitely have to be Denzel Washington, I love Denzel..... he's just good all-round
DVF: He definitely is.... so when you get a movie role and shooting is basically about to start, asides from the rehearsal that goes into the overall production, how do you personally prepare yourself for your roles?

Nick: Read my script really well and take time to personally practice asides from the general rehearsals

DVF: What was it like the first time someone called in excitement to tell you that they had just seen you on TV?
Nick: I wasn't surprised cause I knew that soon enough I would be seen anyways, I had already gone through my phase of shock and excitement during the time I got the role and shot my scenes so by the time people got to see the movie and began to call me up or text me about it. I was definitely happy but was already past the excitement stages but I have to say that the recognition meant a lot to me and I was proud of myself 
DVF: Yeah, I completely understand your point. So how did you begin to get jobs and roles in movies? 

Nick: I started out as most actors do which is by being an extra in a lot of movies and still act as an extra till date, let me just say this real quick. Whenever I get to be part of a movie I am always happy to play whatever roles I get, I don't care if I'm an extra or a major character, just being part of the project and getting that experience makes me happy either ways. 

So back to the question, after playing roles as extra's many times I then began to get cast to play main roles, sometimes I get jobs from social media because often people have seen me appear in movies and ads and so when they have projects they just hit me up on Instagram 

DVF: And I'm guessing the same goes for modeling jobs too right?

Nick: Yeah, it does

DVF: What are the challenges you faced as a newbie in the movie industry?

Nick: No jobs at all really, getting steady jobs is an issue even now though (laughs) well it's way better now for me but still you kind of have to hold your breath and just wait for something to pop up.

Before getting into the entertainment industry most people as did I generally have this idea that there would always be easy availability of jobs but the reality is that there are thousands of talented people out there all seeking out the same opportunities, I've spent countless hours and days going for auditions and end up not getting the job.
I remember one time that I had gotten a job and I was supposed to go for it and I got lost trying to find the shoot location, I spent hours on the road looking for it and ended up spending a whole lot of money and stuff like that and much more has happened, so it's hard out here and I also went through this phase where I was always looked down upon, treated like trash. 
I would go for castings and I could tell by the way people would act and respond to me that they were thinking that I was just another talentless pretty boy looking to capitalize on my looks alone 

DVF: That sucks.... at what point did you begin to notice that you begin to be taken more seriously as an actor or was there a particular movie role you got that marked that turning point for you? 

Nick: Oh sure, the role where I played a boyfriend in the TV series Hustle

DVF: That's nice, so are you currently working with or signed to any modeling agency? 

Nick: Not currently but I've worked with a couple in the past like I've been with Sandra Ikeji's agency, Iyke Okechukwu whose also one of Tinsel's cast known as Chuks and also Mr. Patrick (the comedian's) agency 
DVF: So you seem to only favor the commercial side of modeling (Advertisements and photography modeling) but not runway and High fashion, why is that?

Nick: Well if given the opportunity I am interested in doing it all but like I mentioned just a minute back I am not registered under agency or model management and neither have I ever been under one full time or long enough for them to get me such jobs. 
Even though I am also a model my major focus is currently in acting and I have devoted most of my time, energy and resource on that.

Getting the runway and high fashion jobs will require me working as hard as I do as an actor and right now I can't do that

DVF: The same question goes for your modeling career... after getting what job did your commercial modeling career really kick-off?

Nick: After I the Advert I did for Mc Dowels and then the one for The Voice Nigeria, things changed and I got lots of positive feedback and recognition 
DVF: How nice, from your experiences in the modeling and acting industries, what will you say are the downsides to being in this business that people generally do not have knowledge about?

Nick: So far I haven't seen any downside to modeling but if you're not grounded and not careful you'll find yourself doing some ungodly things that you never thought you would just to get ahead. 
It gets really competitive and I've seen and heard the extreme lengths people go and the same thing goes for the movie industry couple with all of the insults, discouragements, and manipulations especially when you're just starting up, honestly you need tough skin to be in the entertainment industry
DVF: Yeah, definitely need to be tough-skinned. Now let's talk about fitness, when did you discover your love for fitness and when did you actively begin to work out?

Nick: I started working out almost four years ago, that's when my love for fitness began

DVF: Was there a moment of epiphany, did someone or something inspire you or did the love happen spontaneously?
Nick: Naturally bro, my elder brother used to be a fitness guy, I always looked up to him when I was younger, he was my first initial fitness inspiration

DVF: Used to..... he's not anymore?

Nick: Nah, not anymore

DVF: Okay, so what kind of exercises did you start off with
Nick: I began with home workouts, Push-ups, sits ups, pull-ups

DVF: How was the first stages or days, was it easy for you to get a hang of things?

Nick: No, it wasn't easy but because I was determined I just kept going

DVF: What was the transition phase from home exercises to weight lifting like?
Nick: The push-ups and pull-ups with my body weight, gave me an advancement but weight lifting is a whole different ball game and it was tough men, my skin got irritated and I began to have stretch marks at some point, getting used to the body/joint pains and shit was another tough thing

DVF: What gave you the push to keep going and not quit?
Nick: Passion bro, I had and still have a lot of passion for fitness. I get motivated every day through social media, just seeing photos of guys with awesome physical aesthetics is a big push and even more of a big push for me is when I get great responses from friends about my physique, it just makes me want to keep going
DVF: Speaking of responses from people, what was your reaction when you started to see the changes in your physique and the gains began to come in?

Nick: Happiness (laughs), it made to work out excessively

DVF: Like how many times a week do you work out?

Nick: With my busy schedules and work obligations it gets hard to keep up but for the most time I try to spend at least an hour working out every fu*cking day
DVF: Really? That's really nice. I asked what your reaction to your physiques change was, now what about your family, what were their thoughts?

Nick: Well my family didn't like it at first but I didn't care, I loved it way too much to stop and thankfully, they eventually adjusted

DVF: I know most guys wouldn't admit it but was gaining the attention of the ladies one of the reasons you started your bodybuilding journey?
Nick: Nah, Nah. My interest in fitness started at a young age

DVF: What's your ultimate fitness goal cause I noticed that you've gained mass, are you on a bulk up journey?

Nick: Recently I've been gaining and losing weight but I would say that my ultimate fitness goals would eventually be to really bulk up while maintaining some really good muscle definition, you know like the abs and the cuts
DVF: Well I have to say that you're already well on your way. We are all vain in our unique ways but on a scale of 1--10, how vain are with how much you check on the gains and how conscious you are of your good looks?

Nick: (Laughs) To be honest, at the beginning stages I would probably say a solid 10, I was so into myself and pride came in, due to all that muscle gain and the attention from the ladies that came with it
DVF: What about now?

Nick: Nah, there's no more pride. Obviously, I gained more attention from women and it was one of the major reasons why the pride come about but I've always been a humble guy, I was raised that way and so it didn't take long for me to realize that stuff like that isn't that deep and I worked on it and got over that phase

DVF: So which part of your body is your favorite since you began bodybuilding, the one you check on the most often?
Nick: I would have to say.... my biceps

DVF: Where do you consider your place of comfort, where you have the most peace, is it when you're acting or modeling?

Nick: it's tough for me to pick, in all honesty, I would have to say modeling is my place of comfort because it doesn't require nearly as much effort as acting does neither is it as stressful or as time-consuming as acting is, acting is so full of drama (laughs)
DVF: As it should be, that's basically what acting is all about (laughs)

Nick: Yeah (laughs) but things can get pretty intense. Notwithstanding, that doesn't change the fact that my focus is in acting and we all know that being in a place of comfort never pushes us, I love them both so it's all good and well worth it in the end

DVF: Yeah, that true. How would you define fashion according to your own terms and how would you describe your personal style?
Nick: Fashion is everything and fashion is a belief, I style myself except when I'm on movie sets, doing photo shoots and commercial adverts. I call my style, the Curban style. 
My style is a part of me that comes with the whole package, I do my best to dress appropriately for whatever occasion or event that I may be attending, most times you'll find me dressed down and looking casual but my ultimate go-to look is corporate attires, they're my favorite and I love them
DVF: At what point in your life did you discover your love for fashion?

Nick: Back when I became a high school senior, before then I didn't really care much

DVF: Do you have anyone whose style you admire and draw inspiration from?

Nick: Currently I'd have to say no one, in particular, I pull inspiration from all over I believe that I know what looks good on me and I dress up with that in mind but back when I was younger I'd have to say that I admired my dad's style a lot 
DVF: Awww... how nice, which of his looks are your favorite?

Nick: Oh that's easy, his corporate looks. I admired him a lot when he'd dress up in corporate attires, he looked so good in them and he's the reason why I fell in love with dressing up in corporate attires even when I'm dressed casually I try to incorporate formal wears into my outfits in whatever small detailed way that I can
DVF: Yeah, makes sense now cause I noticed how much you're into suits and tie's (smiles)

Nick: I also have to say that another of my style staple is my hair, I just love to try different hairstyles because with each hairstyle gives me a different unique look and I don't like to look the same all the time, I love having a variety of looks, I even like to try new haircuts and most recently I've had my hair dyed gold and sometimes I get my hair plaited
DVF: Yeah, I noticed that..... so what about your family, what's been their take on your choice to pursue a career in acting and modeling?

Nick: Well.... at first not everyone was in support but thankfully they have all now adjusted

DVF: What were their worries exactly?

Nick: They felt that It wasn't going to pay off and that I was wasting time and energy that could be channeled somewhere else
DVF: So do you think it's your success thus far in the industry that's beginning to make them adjust and accept it?

Nick: Yes I think so, that as well as God's grace

DVF: Which of your careers have they shown more appreciation towards, because you've had quite a really steady rise in the movie industry and also have had quite a lot of commercial success as a model

 Nick: They've shown support on both sides but I'd say that they have mostly responded and given feedback about the movies that I've been a part of 

DVF: That's awesome, what do you think are the major differences between both fields?

Nick: The major difference is that with acting, you're acting (laughs) you have to become a completely different person while in modeling you really are yourself except that you have to channel and focus on being an extremely confident version of yourself but they both have times when they are similar.
They both have to do with being in front of the camera and also in commercial model, you advertise products and in most cases, you have to become a  character that really loves that product to be able to sell it to the audience, a character that's happy and proud to show off a product that in reality you're probably not even interested in and that's also acting
DVF: It's definitely acting.... so what do you consider to be the best thing about being an Actor?

Nick: The best thing about being an actor is that you get to be different characters, explore different versions of yourself by playing and being different people for a while and for me that has really helped in building my self-confidence. 

DVF: You also do comedy skits for social media, I honestly never would have thought you had a comedic side to you. What inspired you to begin making comedy skits?
Nick: It brings me back to the point that I just made about how acting helps bring out versions of yourself that you didn't even realize that you had, I always had an interest in comedy and making people laugh and that's why I began to make the skits. In a few of them, I've had to walk up to total strangers and do crazy things and involve people randomly in them and like I said earlier stuff like that has really built my confidence level to heights that I didn't even know I needed before
DVF: What do you think the movie and modeling industry lacks and what would you do to help make it better if you had the opportunity to be placed in a position of power?

Nick: The Nigerian industry, in general, lacks good planning, the foundation of the industry wasn't founded with focus placed on planning and so we have based off things unfolding themselves as they go by and that leads to so much pressure on the actors, writers, and directors, but thankfully with the new generation of leadership and people in the forefront of things in Nollywood a lot of that has begun to change.
If I could I would focus more on creating structure and patterned standards for how things should be done to gain maximum results because Nollywood really can bigger and better than it currently is

DVF: You recently attended the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), obviously you got to meet and see a lot of the nominees and those awarded. How was that night in general for you?
Nick: It was awesome seeing the nominees and winners getting recognized an celebrated for a job well done and it just pushes me to want to work harder, give it my all so that I can hopefully be on that stage too receiving an award in the next one (laughs) 

DVF: You have recently worked on several projects, which are you most excited about for audiences and fans to watch?

Nick: Palava directed by Desmond Elliot the movie basically warns about drug abuse and I played a lead role in it
DVF: Did you find that your life had any similarity with the character in any way at all?

Nick: I really can't say much about it until it's been released but the answer is no, I'm completely different from the character I played

DVF: Okay so.... from here on I'm going to throw some random/ fun questions into the mix

Nick: (Laughs) Okay
DVF: If you could pack up right now for a vacation, where would you go?

Nick: The United Kingdom, I love the British people and their accents and I'd love to have a British accent too

DVF: Me too..... what do you do when you just want to unwind and relax?
Nick: I love to go swimming, being poolside and going to the beach.  The beach is definitely one of my go-to happy places, I love it, I love the waves, the sounds they make and having my feet on the sand. I love it all, I even had my last birthday party at the beach with friends


DVF: That's so lovely, a beach is definitely a happy place. How did you learn to swim?

Nick: I'm actually self-taught, I learned just by watching others swim

DVF: Wow...I had a tutor for weeks and I still couldn't learn to swim, so I find that impressive

Nick: Thanks
DVF: What secret talents do you have that people generally do not know about?

Nick: Singing and dancing are things that I'm good at but only those close to me really know about

DVF: You recently started to post videos of yourself dancing on your Instagram and Instagram stories so it's not really a secret anymore (laughs)
Nick: (Laughs) True but it's only recently before that people didn't know. Okay singing then

DVF: Okay now that's a secret, I'm actually surprised by that. Is singing like a major talent that you would like to pursue or it's more of a hobby that you're good at

Nick: Honestly I don't know yet, I'm thinking of dropping a single soon and letting the feedback and response I get from people decide the answer to that question
DVF: What genre of music do you fancy the most?

Nick: It's definitely RnB

DVF: Do you have any singer that inspires you?

Nick: Yeah, James Arthur

DVF: That's a good one, okay..... so moving on from that. Tell me, what do you find most attractive in a lady?
Nick: Asides from the obvious charms and good looks, I find a lady most attractive when she's honest and humble

DVF: What would a typical romantic setting be like for you?

Nick: It would be just me and a girl that I have feelings for having Dinner in a romantic restaurant with dim lights, candles, and my favorite food, some fried rice with chicken, salad and see foods on the side as we have conversations
DVF: That's definitely romantic, although I'd have to advise that you put the lady's favorite food into consideration too (laughs)
Nick: (Laughs)

DVF: Let's get a little bit more personal here..... are you sex after the first date kind of guy or do you like to take things slow and build up to that point?

Nick: That's a very personal question but I'd still answer it, the truth is that I like to take things very slow and build the relationship up to that point, I'm a very reserved guy who doesn't like to rush things
DVF: That's nice to hear, people generally just think the worst, they assume that every pretty boy is an instant player

Nick: Yeah, I know but Nah..... I'm not like that 

DVF: Finally..... Tell me, what would you like your legacy to be Nick?

Nick: I would love to be remembered for being a great man, a great model, and actor, a great everything that God has planned for me that I can't even imagine right now. 
With that being said I would also like to be an inspiration in the lives of people and leave a positive impact on everyone that I come across

DVF: That's absolutely wonderful, sadly for me we have come to the end of this interview, I could keep going cause you're such an interesting guy but seriously thank you so much Nick Curban, you have been the best. Thanks for taking out the time to have this interview.

Nick: (Smiles) Anytime.... you're welcome brother






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