Monday, April 22, 2019

Hey beautiful people, how are y'all doing ?. I hope great.

It's a beautiful, peaceful and calm Sunday over here and I am finally in a zen enough state of mind to be able to do this blog post. 
It's been such a chaotic couple of weeks for me and lately I have been feeling like I i'm way in over my head, been super stressed and in need of like a major vacation but anyways it's all good, i'll be fine (smiles) .
I have not shared anything with you guys here on the DVF DIARIES in a while and i'm really sorry about that but I recently turned 26 and decided it'll be nice to share how my birthday this year went down, basically just give y'all a quick summary (smiles) .  
My birthday this year went way better than that of last year...... last year I literally woke up around 5: 50 AM per usual to go for a morning jog but before I began I just found myself dialing  my cousin and best friend Tina's number and just sobbed, cried and lamented about how things in my life weren't nearly as good as they should be and she was just my rock that day because I was in an emotionally and mentally unstable place in my life, truth be told, I still am......
but I have learnt a better capacity of living with it and how to handle the situations in my life that are causing these feelings and the key for me has been prayer, I pray a whole lot more now when i'm in that dark head space or even when I just feel it coming, starting off my birthday last year that way was absolutely ungrateful of me to the life that God has given me.
I swore to never let that happen again so this year I tried my hardest to be in a happy space and expectant of all the good things to come to me from the new year ahead and thankfully it worked., I work up literally saying to myself "I'm expectant of all the amazing things to come my way this new year Lord and thank you for them ahead of time"

I made plans with my aunt Vera to have a simple and sweet birthday celebration, it was pretty last minute even the cake was a last minute kind of cake because it wasn't even close to the original cake design that I had in my mind but it was what the cake maker could come up with in such short notice and I wasn't too excited about it, she even got the color that I wanted wrong, I understand that she couldn't do the design but I asked for a white and gold colored cake so why I got one with blue, white and red I would never know.... but I wasn't going to let anything ruin that day for me so I just thought to myself (you know what, the most important thing right now is that you have a cake) . 
Honestly there was just a lot that was off prior to my birthday, generally here in Nigeria we experienced this massive heat wave and we actually are still experiencing it except that it isn't as bad as it was and he messed my skin up,
I got so much darker, I had more of a tan tone than a light tone, I also woke up one morning to see that I had this huge boil like pimple suddenly appear on my face and it made my face swell and I even had to get drugs for it before it went down but unfortunately left a huge reddish shade on my face all around the area it was and asides that both sides of my face suffered a heavy sun burn, just beneath the sides of my eyes so imagine how in secure I felt few days to my birthday and I tried to use make up on my face before we began shooting the birthday pictures but even with the make up and the editing that dark-reddish shade is still visible so there's another thing that I just had to brush off my shoulder.
My birthday was on the second (2nd) of April, literally at the beginning of the month and I love it, I celebrated with just my family and a photographer (laughs) well he had to join in on it because he was there to do a shoot of me and my family, so it was my aunt Vera, my elder sister Kate and her kids Jed and Zoe as well as my mum Alice and our house keeper Elizabeth, honestly the best part of all this is getting to celebrate with Jed and Zoe, they make everything that much special and sweeter and them having such joyful memories as they grow up is just the best for me to witness. 
We all wore different colored suits except for Zoe in a lovely gown with a jacket over it and it was gorgeous, I loved it.
Along with the cake I also ordered some snacks that are my favorites and I just had such a fun and cute time celebrating, in all the chaos of preparation I forgot to create a music playlist or make any proper preparation for music generally.
In fact for the most part of the party and the process of shooting we didn't even remember music until we were almost done shooting and we were about to begin eating so the music situation was quite a mess and my older sister Kate was pretty upset about that part but I still had the best time and biggest laughs, it was the simplest and sweetest birthday.

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