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Hey beautiful people, how have you guys been? I hope fine (smiles), I've missed sharing with you guys here, this is my first post in seven (7) months and this year. As usual, life happened and I just needed some time off but I'm back and for a very exciting reason, I have a new interview with Nabil Ozoglu, an entrepreneur, IT personnel, a socialite, fitness, and travel lover.
I began this interview with Nabil almost two years ago and things kept getting in the way of us completing the interview but I'm happy that we finally did and I can't wait for you guys to read it and get transported into the world of Nabil Ozoglu. Enjoy!

DVF: Hi there Nabil, welcome to the DvfStyleCollective, happy to have you here

Nabil: Hello! Thanks.... glad to be here too 

DVF: Thanks for being so nice

Nabil: You're welcome

DVF: Okay, let's get into it. Tell me about yourself and your family background?

Nabil: I'm Nabil Fouad Ozoglu, Mixed race, my dad is from Turkey and my mum is from Nigeria, I'm thirty-three (33) years old, my height is 6 feet tall and I'm an IT/IS engineer that's specialized in software development.
DVF: How nice

Nabil: Thank you..... I worked with-Harig oil supply for two years (2) then went on to work with Glo telecoms for a couple of years before going to South Africa and setting up an IT company over there which is still functioning.
I am also into entertainment. I've worked in Nollywood (Nigeria's movie industry) and I have done a couple of movies, adverts, and modeling.
DVF: Those are all quite huge accomplishments.... tell me about the light stuff, what do you do for fun and what are your likes and dislikes?

Nabil: I travel a lot to different countries and I like to play football and watch football. I like going to the gym to work out literally all the time and I also like to go clubbing. 
I Like to laugh a lot so comedy movies are my favorites and someone telling a good joke makes me laugh too.  
I dislike it when people make fun of someone else that is handicapped or their misfortune, I also don't like clowns and dislike it when people say one thing and do something entirely different, it really makes me angry. 
DVF: Yeah, me too... what makes you sad? 

Nabil: Hmm.... a relative or a close friend passing away, a sad movie, not being able to help someone out when they really need it... a puppy or a kitten chasing their tails, as simple and as cute as that can be it does make me sad (laughs).

DVF: How would you describe your personality?
Nabil: I would say that I am easy to get along with, I'm a friendly kind of man, I can also be a very shy guy sometimes it all depends on the situation of things or what's going on around me, I can also be very reserved at first but once I get to know a person I open up totally and become free with them.
I'm also verbal and smart but I don't talk too much, I am actually more of a listener than a talker. I do talk when needed and I don't have an issue answering questions but I prefer to answer questions after having some time to really process it and give it some thought about it.

DVF: That's nice to know, tell me about your childhood and your fondest childhood memories?

Nabil: My childhood was quite a lovely one, my happiest memory from that time would have to be when I was about nine (9) yrs old and all the kids my age would meet on our front porch on Friday evenings and my dad would tell us ghost stories and make us scared sometimes or play with our mind logically. He is such a smart one (laughs).
I used to sneak out to play soccer, I'd leave school early just so I could come home to play TV games. 

DVF: Those are really nice memories, funny too. So tell me, were you always interested in entertainment or did you develop an interest in it whilst growing up? 

Nabil: I always wanted to be famous, since when I was little I wanted to be an actor basically a Hollywood actor and I really enjoy acting, rather it was my nerdy side that I later developed an interest in, I began with computers back in 1998 and started operating the windows 98 computer system and ended up studying computer science and information technology (CSIT) Eastern Mediterranean university North Cyprus.
I naturally found myself interested in acting by the time I was in high school and when I do it I find it elating.

DVF: Why did you choose to study computer science in the university over a course that revolves around entertainment or the arts?

Nabil: Computer is a new development, it’s something different, it’s the future and it’s very widespread and it connects the world. I always wanted something different, new, creative, and innovative and that's what studying computer science offered me.

DVF: So earlier you mentioned working for some companies, how many years were you doing that?
Nabil: It lasted for seven (7) years 

DVF: That's a long time and during this time, you didn't act or do anything entertainment-wise?

Nabil: Sadly no because I was really dedicated to my work until I resigned and then I started acting and trying my hands at other stuff like modeling too

DVF: Why did you decide it was time to quit and start up your own your company
Nabil: Cause I also want to have my own success story and achieve my dreams and owning my company was always one of my dreams, I was done working for others and building up their empires for them when I had mine to build too, it was time for me to take control of my future and destiny. 
I realized that I am not getting younger, I have a big heart for charity and a lot of good ideas and experiences that I can utilize. I am innovative, creative and I believe it was time for me to use my ingenuity to add some positives to the world
DVF: That's wonderful, very impressive, I honestly had no idea how brilliant and skilled you are especially in the field of IT. From your Social media, I wouldn't have been able to guess cause you don't post about it or discuss anything regarding this aspect of your life, clearly social media doesn't tell it all because obviously there's so much more to you

Nabil: True, there is definitely so much more to me, I show a lot of myself but not too much of my personal life, I like to have a balance and I choose what I share on social media.

DVF: Why did you start up your business in South Africa and not here in Nigeria?
Nabil: To be honest, it's very expensive to run a company in Nigeria due to factors like electricity, economic recession, back then our economy was going through it and there's more appreciation for IT and technology-based companies over there than there is here in Nigeria but the world is digital, internet-based and can be run from any part of the world so I really can't say S.A is my company's base because I run my company from wherever I am

DVF: Yeah, I believe that you're not the first person that I've heard that complain from.... tell me more about your company?

Nabil: AZ soft systems technology is an IT-based company, we design software's, migrate, support, manage and handle any IT solutions, basically, I handled telecommunications contracts in SA with the deals I got. 
Billings and provisioning of users, provide sim services, failed requests and services, pending migrations, updates, solutions and design software's

DVF: How was the start-up of the company like, how were you able to get customers in a foreign country as well as get them to believe in the quality of the services that your company provides?
Nabil: Well, I had a South African friend which I moved around with for presentations, bookings, for meetings and appointments. He had the connections and I had the brains and that’s what happened

DVF: Is he like a shareholder or just a friend helping out?

Nabil: No I am the sole owner, it was more like a short term partnership because he was already doing few IT certifications and he wanted to learn the basics, in architecture, in the IT sector, business sectors and execution of contracts, so he tagged along and got all of the experience he wanted and I got to utilize his connections 

DVF: You both helped each other out, that's quite nice. 

Nabil: Yeah but it wasn't all rosy for sure, at one point things really got tough

DVF: I can only imagine. You are mostly here in Nigeria, how do you handle running a business in South Africa when you live here?

Nabil: I actually came back to Nigeria in October of last year and by December I traveled back to S.A and then returned again in January. I connect my servers and system remotely over here and work on whatever contracts I get, right now my company's base is where ever I am.
I was in S.A for about three (3) years but now I have a few things that I want to achieve here am in Nigeria, so, for now, I'm here but I doubt it would be for long

DVF: Let's talk about acting and how your acting career began?

Nabil: Honestly I really didn't do much, I've been fortunate enough to have things fall into place for me organically with my acting career. I haven't had to audition for the few roles that I've gotten in movies because I'm a socialite and often socialize with lots of celebrities, filmmakers, and people in the entertainment industry so I basically get offered opportunities to do a lot.

DVF: Wow, really?
Nabil: Yeah it usually comes up during conversations, they always ask me if I can act or would consider it and of course I reply with "yes" and then they give me a script and have me read it for a bit and then we kind of have to figure out what character I'd get to play and that’s it
DVF: That's definitely something, wow!..... okay so moving on from that..... let's talk about one of my favorite topics, fashion (smiles) tell me about your style?

Nabil: When it comes to my style, it all depends on when or where I am If I'm at home I don't wear many clothes, on lazy days I'd maybe just wear my shorts, my favorite colors to wear are black and red, to me they're such unique colors.

I love to have fun with it, go with the flow and I like to wear expensive and high quality wears. I love really well-fitted clothes, especially a pair of nicely fitted jeans, bold prints, I love a good pair of shoes too and my favorite designer brand to wear is Zara and mostly sports brands, I also enjoy wearing suits too. 
Growing up people would always talk about my look, how I dressed, and charisma which as a result of I became the assistant social and health prefect back in high school so you see that fashion has always been part of my life. 
DVF: Still on your style, your hair is part of your style aesthetic which I love by the way but.... tell me about it?

Nabil: I've always had hair and I would often try things with it but nothing was ever really permanent, at one point I had a full-grown Afro styled hair and it lasted for quite a while but had to cut it off when I began to work for Glo Telecom back in 2010 but by 2016 I had resigned and I was in South Africa and that's when I decided to let my hair grow out again and since then I haven't cut it.

I just occasionally trim it, cut the sides but I often go to the salon to get my hair washed and made, I love to try different hairstyles and play with color. 
It's quite fun for me and an important part of my look
DVF: That's so cool

Nabil: Thank you... actually right now as we text I'm currently in the salon (laughs)

DVF: Really?.... wow, what a coincidence

Nabil: Yeah (laughs)
DVF: That's awesome. Now I really want us to discuss your travel life cause you do travel a whole lot, so tell me about your very first travel experience?

Nabil: My first travel wasn’t good cause I had lost someone in the family and that's what brought about that trip, we went to my father's home country Turkey for the burial and after that, I obviously went back to Turkey for my university education and was back and forth from there to Nigeria till I graduated but my second travel was to South Africa

: So when did you realize that you had fallen in love with traveling? 

Nabil: My father used to work with missionaries cause he was a construction engineer and he would often travel to villages in the northern parts of Nigeria to build schools and hospitals 

DVF: That's amazing 

Nabil: Thanks 

DVF: I grew up in the North and I attended a missionary primary school and I actually knew and met with a lot of men like your dad

Nabil: Oh wow! awesome 

DVF: Yeah, so did you go on those trips with him? 

Nabil: Yeah I went on a few with him and that made me know about a lot of places, villages, and states in Nigeria and that was basically the origination of my love of travel 

DVF: How many countries have you visited so far? 

Nabil: Seven (7) 

DVF: Wow 
Nabil: Yeah, so Turkey was first then South Africa, England, Spain, Dubai four (4 ) times so far, Ghana and Kenya 

DVF: I want to ask which is your favorite place to visit so far but it seems to me that It's Dubai cause you've gone there so many times already 

Nabil: Yes (smiles) Dubai to me is the most beautiful of all

DVF: What are the things you generally do whenever you visit Dubai? 

Nabil: I go shopping, site seeing, visiting places, and playing games and doing fun stuff like the roller coaster ride, by the way, it's the fastest in the work is in Abu Dhabi, crazy ride, I visited a hunted house or monster a house once, I've gone ice skating ⛸, paintballing, went to a desert 🐫 Safari, a VR park, magic planet, and lots more 

DVF: Sounds amazing, I'd ask which country you have had the most fun in but I'm guessing your answer would be Dubai again

Nabil: Yes (laughs) Have you had any crazy travel experiences? 
Nabil: Not yet and I hope I never do but I've had a funny travel experience, well it became funny after it was over, I had an upset stomach once while I was traveling to South Africa after eating some funny food in the plane ✈ , my stomach got bloated and I kept running back and forth from my seat to the toilet 
DVF: It must have been embarrassing for you to keep getting up and going to the toilet 

Nabil: Yes bro, it was very embarrassing 

DVF: I'm so sorry about that (laughs)

Nabil: It’s okay bro (laughs) 😂 

DVF: So which country is at the top of your bucket list to visit?

Nabil: I am actually thinking about visiting Singapore a lot lately, that's like a dream place for me to visit in the future or sometime soon

DVF: Why Singapore?
Nabil: It’s a very rich country, it's beautiful, luxurious and has so much culture, I'd like to experience all of that and also learn about how and why they are such a successful country 

DVF: That'll be wonderful..... what can't you travel without, asides from your passport and visa? 

Nabil: My gym clothes, my Play Station 4 Fifa 2019 Game

DVF: Oh so you're a gamer, I had no idea you're that much of a gaming lover?

Nabil: I am, I wouldn't be able to last a week anywhere without playing games
DVF: Wow, I know a few guys like that too

Nabil: It’s awesome cause it opens my mind, It sharpened my mind. It began back in high school before an exam I would have to play games, It makes me think fast, be more calculative, search deep, and thrive to win

DVF: Wow! That's really good stuff, so do you prefer solo travels or with someone else?

Nabil: I can't pick because I enjoy both just as much 

DVF: What do you miss the most about Nigeria when you travel out?

Nabil: The food (laughs), pounded yam and egusi soup, vegetable soups, okra,  soups, the peppered goat meat, and cow leg sauces... hmm, all so yummy (laughs)

DVF: So basically you're a lover of Nigerian traditional cuisines (laughs) 

Nabil: Yes, I am (smiles). Well I am generally a lover of a lot of cuisines cause I'm a foodie but yeah I do like our traditional meals a lot 

DVF: What do you miss the most about your home when you travel?

Nabil: I miss my Kitchen the most (laughs) I'm a good cook so I miss cooking up all of those lovely delicacies I mentioned earlier, I also love to barbecue and grill stuff.

DVF: Oh I believe that for sure, I see you in the kitchen in a lot in pictures and videos on Instagram (laughs) 

Nabil: Everything else that I may need I can get it out there, even better but our local foodstuffs and dishes here are never really the same abroad 

DVF: What has been the most delicious food you've eaten through your travels so far? 
Nabil: Currently it's Pilau rice, an Indian dish 

DVF: Have you been able to learn any foreign words or languages through your visits? 

Nabil: For sure but they are just a few basics words  

DVF: How many different currencies are you currently carrying with you? 
Nabil O: Naira, dirham, dollars, rands, euros, and shillings. 

DVF: How cool.... have you had any scary travel experiences? 

Nabil: Yeah but I'm not sure it really qualifies as scary but my first time in Dubai the immigration asked me if I was sure that I am Nigerian because of my names, how I look and having a Nigerian passport just didn't make sense to them and I got scared cause you can never be sure how serious situations like that can get so I was worried but after a while of asking me a series of questions they realized that I was truly Nigerian and let me go (laughs) 

DVF: Things like that can definitely be scary... what's the one thing you must do whenever you travel to a place? 
Nabil: I google the country in general, then find out about it's best cities, the best hotels to stay in, places and areas to visit or go for site seeing, the best clubs to party and the find the closest mall around me for shopping

DVF: That's really the best way to go about it, what's your favorite travel memory?

Nabil: I can't specify any single moment because I love everything about the whole experience, from seeing a country up in skies to arriving in their airport, the different setups, the people, and the joy of experiencing an entirely new place.
I take in and enjoy every moment that I get, I love to swim so I spend a lot of time in the swimming pool and then obviously rest too I like to rest and just enjoy my hotel room

DVF: Through your travels, which country would you say has the best weather? 
Nabil: I generally love it when the weather is cold but then in some countries like London and Turkey during December it's crazy cold but on a general basis I think South Africa has had the best weather of them all because there's a good balance

DVF: What's the longest time you have spent on a flight? 

Nabil: Once I was short of cash so I booked a cheap flight from South Africa to Nigeria. I booked a Rwandan airline and the transit was twelve (12)hours (laughs)
DVF: Woahh, it's usually supposed to be how long? 

Nabil: It's just supposed to be six (6) hours, so I spent an extra six (6) hours 

DVF: It must have been awful

Nabil: It sure was, it was very painful 

DVF: What're the most interesting animals you have experienced through your trips?

Nabil: I haven't had that much animal experiences but yeah I met and fed a Giraffe once, got a giraffe kiss (laughs) and also camels too in Dubai

DVF: Who misses you the most when you travel? 

Nabil: Definitely my nephews and I miss them the most too when I'm away

DVF: Oh yes, you guys have the cutest relationship

Nabil: Thanks

DVF: They are probably going to be jealous when you start having kids of your own 

Nabil: I think so too (laughs)
DVF: What's the best hotel you have stayed in and which country?

Nabil: It's still in Dubai bro, Hotel Swissotel at the Al Gurair shopping center

DVF: Another reason for you to love Dubai even more

Nabil: Yeah, I love Dubai, I can visit it a million times and not get tired (smiles)

DVF: That's lovely.... so you're a socialite, you party a lot and most times with Nigerian celebrities, some of them who are also your friends too, tell me about that?
Nabil: Yeah, I love to go clubbing, I'm a huge lover of good music and the nightlife in general plus I get to hang out with friends and as discussed earlier it's also a way of networking in terms of work or business. It really works well for me so I enjoy it.

DVF: Where have you partied the most? 

Nabil: Definitely here in Nigeria 
DVF: You party with a lot of celebrities but mostly with Uti Nwachukwu

Nabil: Yeah, with Uti it's different because we do more than just party together, we're good friends.
I met him back in 2009 through another friend of mine Vivian and ever since we've been buddies


DVF: You have several tattoos, w
hen and how did you discover your love for tattoos?

Nabil: Honestly, I used to admire it on other people’s body and pictures and videos when I'd see it but after something personal happened to me that was when I decided to have a few on my body based off my story to be a permanent reminder of it

DVF: Wow! sounds deep, care to share?

Nabil: I won't say much but based off our earlier discussion, everything was going well for me in Nigeria, I got this contract and I made a lot of money and then got a deal in SA and for this deal, I decided to move and fully set up my own company there but after a while of being there things went wrong, my Visa expired and I had issues with banking and my money was stuck in Nigeria and, unfortunately, the friend that I was staying with at the time, things also went wrong between us too and I had to leave. 

I had to go be on my own with basically nothing, nobody and I was frustrated, hurt, confused and I went through a lot but during all of that was when I realized something very important.
It was a test of my character from GOD. 
God took everything from me, took me to a different country with all my money, investments and connections stuck in Nigeria and left me with nothing. 

I had to accept it and move on, I had to forget who I was and what I had to start afresh and connect back to God. I got closer to him more than I had ever been and that was when everything fell back into place again and it all happened even better than I had expected.
DVF: Wow, it's quite amazing that you saw things from such a positive perspective and took it all as a teachable moment 

Nabil: Thank you. So basically all of that inspired the tattoos that are all over my body

DVF: What do the tattoos say though?

Nabil: The first Tattoo I got was "timeless" when I was going through all of that time of trial. I was eager, disturbed and worried about when God was going to rescue me and make things better again, what time everything was going to get fixed and how fast would it happen but I eventually learned to be patient, trust God and learned that with God there are no time limitations, time is a human limitation, but God is timeless.
DVF: That's so true though

Nabil: Yeah, the second was "Imperfection is perfect", I actually got it done the same day Timeless was also done.

DVF: You did two the same day... wow
Nabil: Yeah, The third one says "Live in the moment", I had it done because I had to accept the change and my new life without my money, connection and everything I had that I thought was what made me who I am but I had to start afresh and learned to live in that moment and make the best of the experience and I found out how much strength I actually had within me and came to the realization that all of those luxuries aren't all that makes me who I am...
The fourth Tattoo says "Time waits for no man"  and I also have some stuff written around my biceps

DVF: What's written there?

Nabil: It's like a personal affirmation of mine, it says "So you think that I am done, that my career will soon be over, you don't know me, all my life I had to fight. No one believed in me, so I had to believe in myself. Some people wanted to break me but they only made me stronger. Others wanted to exploit me, they only made me smarter and now you think I am done? 
To all of you, I have only one thing left to say: I am not like you, because I am not you. I am me and I am just warming up"."
I am basically referencing to all the people that made fun of me and thought my career would be over when they found out what had happened. 

DVF: Wow, very bold declaration. I love it

Nabil: Yeah, Thanks. I recently had them colored and then my most recent ones are ''Reborn" written on the side of my right hand and I also had some wings drawn on my left hands and it goes all the way to my back too
DVF: Wow..... do you think that you'll ever get a point in your life when you'd want any of them removed?

Nabil: Nope, I don't think so

DVF: Your kids would grow up to love tattoos because they love you and will get to see the tats all over you all the time, so the love or appreciation for it would come naturally to them, do you worry that it'll make them want to get tattoos too?
Nabil: I don't worry about that because firstly I got my first tattoo when I was already in my thirties (30's) so if they really love it and want to get them I would not try to decide for them as long as they are grown and matured enough to really understand it and the choice of having it

DVF: Yeah, I get your point...... okay cool, so I've been wondering if your dad taught you to speak Turkish?

Nabil: No, I can only speak English. He refused to teach us and he took us to British schools too  

DVF: Awww, very modern-minded man (smiles).
DVF: Let's talk fitness, I already know you're a huge fitness lover but tell me, when did you get into fitness and why?

Nabil: When I was in South Africa and everything went wrong, I was under serious emotional stress and sometimes I would be so depressed and feel like my life was literally over but then one day I decided to go to the gym, just as an activity to do but I ended up feeling so much better by the time I was done working out, my anxiety and stress level drastically reduced, I found it very therapeutic and healing, I felt like my heart was beating again and I was alive once more and from then on I continued going to the gym often and working out, I fell in love with it and it just became part of my lifestyle.
DVF: How many times a week do you go to the gym?

Nabil: Monday to Friday, I spend two (2) hours or more a day 

DVF: Did you find it hard adjusting to a life of fitness?

Nabil: To be honest I've always been athletic, I play football for fun as often as I can and do whatever sports activity I can do too

DVF: I definitely believe that because I saw a video of you doing some awesome backflips on your Instagram, it was really cool to see you do that

Nabil: Yeah, I love to do that when I get the opportunity to be in a field (laughs). Thanks, so.... as I was saying to some extent, I was always into fitness but back then I was a lot slimmer and so it was difficult for me to lift weights and all that for about the first two to three weeks but I kept on pushing till I got used to it, trust me at some point, I wanted to stop but I saw how my body was transforming and everyone started complimenting me about my body and admiring how I looked so that motivated me to keep going.

DVF: That's nice, what are your personal fitness goals, is there anyone whose physique you'd like to have?

Nabil: Captain America (laughs) Chris Evans

DVF: That's awesome, you can do it, I believe in you, you're already so buff so go get it (laughs). So my final question is do you train yourself at the gym or do you have a trainer or just use the trainers the gyms provide?
Nabil: Thanks bro, (laughs) I do it alone, I train my self. I downloaded an app called Gym Coach and I use that, It shows me different workouts for each day of the week. Monday - Friday for either when I want Bulk up just reshape my body, do cardio, and test my endurance levels, it's an interesting app.

DVF: Okay, that's awesome 

Nabil: Thanks
DVF: You have been most patient and so welcoming to me and all of my questions (laughs). Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview.

Nabil: You're welcome and thanks for having me.





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