Saturday, June 27, 2020

Hey beautiful people, how have you all been?..... I hope you have all been fine especially as we're all dealing with the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic these past few months and witnessing the massive impact that the Black Lives Movement has had thanks to our fallen heroes George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the rest of the black lives that have been lost due to racial injustices, racism, oppression, white privilege, and police brutality predominantly in America but most definitely affects us all over the world because we are all one human race at the end of the day and without each other, we really can't achieve any change.
 All of over voices are valid against any form of gender, religious, racial based oppression, abuse, and rape. We all have to use our voices and platforms to speak up against these acts. 
 Today my interview features a strong, talented, brilliant, and sexy black man. Ferdinand Esewe is a lawyer, fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach who has achieved so much here in Nigeria in the past few years and I'm so excited to share his journey so far with all of you guys, I hope he inspires you to be better after reading through. Have a lovely read every one. 

DVF: Ferdinand, welcome to the DvfstyleCollective, and thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you

Ferdinand: You're welcome.

DVF: Awesome, so let's begin. Please tell me as much as possible about yourself?

Ferdinand: Ferdinand Eguabun Esewe, I'm in my 30's, favorite thing to do is to dance in front of my bedroom mirror, I like people who are Patient and have genuine candor. I love perfumes that smell of burnt wood (laughs)
I dislike simple-minded people, I dislike snakes (this should include people too) and I am in a relationship
DVF: Yeah some people are snakes, and I hate snakes too it’s also one of my biggest fears

Ferdinand: Haha legit

DVF: So tell me about your childhood?

Ferdinand: I was born and grew up in Benin City and Abuja mostly. My parents were very strict. I was always broody, popular but played with few friends and fascinated by art in whatever form it came whether it's Sand, water, Wood, iron, or clothes.
I would spend hours, days or weeks drawing my favorite comic, or fashion design or writing short novels on holidays I wasn’t watching TV or playing football with my friends, cousins or neighbors, I wasn't exactly a regular kid
DVF: That’s a pretty different lifestyle for a kid to live, did that make you feel different from others in any way and were you aware that you weren’t doing the norm of what kids do or “should be doing”?

Ferdinand: Well, I learned to become my person and I existed in my head a lot so being alone for long periods or being misunderstood didn’t bother me so much but there was also the pressure to fit in and have friends and perform like everyone else so I guess I came to a crossroads a lot and struggled in a lot of areas.
DVF: Looks like you eventually did great balancing both worlds in the end 

Ferdinand: I don’t know if I did great but I just generally try to understand better, use empathy where I can and not allow the things not worth my energy bother me

DVF: Fair enough, so with having such a creative and innovative mindset from so early on, what were your childhood dreams and aspirations?

Ferdinand: As a child, my dreams changed every minute from an artist, actor, model, architect, bodybuilder, lawyer, footballer, writer. 
I wanted to be everything I could and my dreams weren’t the same ones every night. 
However, I knew I wanted to be successful, to be stylish, and to be taken seriously.

DVF: That’s nice, did you ever give the whole artistic aspect a try?

Ferdinand: I applied myself to written art and literature instead. Sometimes words can be clearer than physical representations or pictures, more imaginative and it gives more license to be free to express

DVF: That’s true, you have a special way with words. How did you become a Lawyer though?

Ferdinand: (Smiles) thank you. Well since I couldn’t become a fitness trainer, model or actor (I discussed all these with my parents but they wouldn’t hear of it) I hated physics and chemistry so I ended up being an art student and applied to the University of Benin Faculty of Law in my UTME
I already liked to read and had written a couple of short stories with my limited knowledge of English at the time so it seemed only right for me to apply for a law degree

DVF: Wow! Are you serious right?

Ferdinand: Yep back then you couldn't say “Hey Dad I want to be a model” 

DVF: Yeah I know that part, I think till this day especially here in Africa, in general, it's very uncommon for parents to encourage their children's dream over education but what's like so new to me and have never heard anyone say is that "I’m great at reading and writing, so I’m going to go for Law because of that, studying courses like Literature or English and similar courses are what I was expecting you to say
Ferdinand: Nah you have to understand, my folks are big on education, my older sister was studying medicine. I had performed well in primary and secondary school so there were expectations, no way my folks would let me study English or literature or theater arts, back then these courses had little prestige. If you weren’t studying medicine, engineering, or law folks looked at you all snooty.
So there wasn’t any grandiose reason initially for studying law. I just did it because well “I could work with being a lawyer, lawyers are respected” I thought” 

DVF: Wow, that’s like a massive level of pressure and ideals to live up to but It looks like you were built for it, cause studying Law is no joke.
Now I need to know how fitness came into play in your life, was it something you were always involved in, had an interest in or did you develop your love for it over time?

Ferdinand: Well... I grew up watching guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, watching athletes perform on the commonwealth and Olympic stage, and physically and aesthetically they stood out. 
I liked that and so as a little kid I would try the occasional push-ups I had seen in movies and then when I got into University... in my first year -the first semester, my school went on strike for about six (6) months and so I decided to invest my time into learning about fitness- there was an old newspaper my dad used to buy at the time (“The Vanguard” I think). It had a weekend article by a fitness pro- so I read up on that religiously every week to learn about exercises and stuff.

Occasionally I would visit the local browsing centers to read fitness blogs and browse workout videos.

I ended up creating a local gym in the backyard of my family home. Made of a wooden bench, an iron rod, two-car tires, and a lot of stones, However, keeping fit was only an occasional habit for me at the time as the school itself was demanding a lot. 

DVF: It’s so nice that the newspaper column that most people just pass by played such an important role in your fitness journey, When did you realize that it was no longer just a hobby or a random habit but something you had become passionate about?

Ferdinand: I think I decided to make fitness a little more serious when I decided mentally to change a few things about the way I was handling daily life. 
Having acquired a lot of bad lifestyle and feeding habits over the years, as part of positive reinforcement I committed to get myself stronger, fitter, healthier and better looking, So I went into research again, this time DVD's, online articles, blogs, etc on strength training, bodybuilding, physique sculpting and kinetics- and I began to train at home every day before going to my nine to five (9-5) or every night after I’d returned and I ended up finishing an Online Course in body Kinetics and biomechanics which improved my knowledge of the human anatomy in regards to exercise Armed with new knowledge and a greater drive. 
Naturally, I trained harder and results came and requests came...
DVF: That’s so impressive, It must have been tough joggling your daily lifestyle alongside intensely working out every day and doing the online course, how long did it take you to do the course and how much time did you devote it to have been able to finish it?

Ferdinand: Well, I was already working, and before I got my certification for strength and conditioning. It took me about seven (7) months to get done.... and to be honest I rather enjoyed it because it was something I was passionate about already and had good background knowledge off. I just needed to know more about the science behind it. 
DVF: That’s wonderful. So let’s have a little detour real quick and go back to your Education, it takes about six (6) years to fully graduate and become a Lawyer and take the Bar and all that yeah? I don’t know the exact details but you go through all that but (laughs) did you practice or do you plan on practicing Law?
Ferdinand: Hmmm, studying Law, It took me about seven (7) years to complete my law degree and law school. Six (6) years in school because of all the strikes accumulated and 1 year in The Nigerian Law school Kano State.
Studying Law at University was pretty hectic but mostly because I was so distracted with every other thing else. Anyone who has been will understand. However, I did what was required as much as I could and got by. I was nominated as the male face of my school, the University of Benin in my second year but I didn’t win. 
I did try a few modeling jobs back then and got some money off that, I tried to keep fit when I could as well I spent a year in the Nigeria Law School Kano and that was pretty much more straight forward for me as the duration was shorter and the distractions were less.
After service, I practiced Litigation Law in Abuja for a few years, then took a brief hiatus and returned to Lagos to continue practicing law from criminal to civil, maritime, Aviation and election Law, etc. 
I practiced law actively for a few years short of a decade and only left the practice (temporarily who knows) when I was sure the illusion of it was done for me and my heart was fully somewhere else, however, I still provide legal services as often as I can and I am on retainer with a few individuals and companies home and abroad whom I offer legal counsel to from time to time. 

DVF: That’s amazing, It is and I have no more words 

Ferdinand: Haha thanks
DVF: You’re welcome, how long has it been since you decided to give the law practice a rest?

Ferdinand: Well, I haven’t been anywhere near a courtroom for about three (3) years if that’s what you’re asking, before that, it was a weekly thing but it's been almost three (3) years more likely as I quit my nine to five (9-5) associate job in 2017 and decided to concentrate more on my fitness career, modeling, writing, etc and other aspects that were beginning to gnaw at me.
DVF: That’s been a while 

Ferdinand: Well yes, however as recently as yesterday I still offered Legal Counsel to a client for a company I am on retainer for. Once a lawyer always a lawyer it never really goes away.

DVF: Hahaha I guess it never does, I bet it also comes in really handy for handling and managing your career

Ferdinand: It does, it frightens people too but I don’t mind that at all

DVF: (Laughs) maybe it’s the mixture of fitness trainer/model and a Lawyer, that’s scary, I can see how people would be scared of that combination 

Ferdinand: Hahaha I guess it’s unusual

DVF: It sure is, Let’s discuss Mr. Ideal Nigeria. How did that whole journey come about for you?

Ferdinand: Well a couple of years ago, a friend of mine asked me to give it a shot but I wasn’t interested at the time. That year a couple of friends of mine participated in the event so that kind of made me give it a second thought. 
To cut a long story short I informed the committee of my intention to participate in a year and then about eight (8)months or so after I applied just before the deadline of the competition and had to jump through tests, training, shoots, interviews, and hoops to be selected in the top forty (40) category 

DVF: That’s wonderful, and you ended up becoming Mr. Ideal Nigeria’s first Prince

Ferdinand: Yeah well, I ended up becoming 1st Prince by winning a few tasks in camp - especially the spoken ones) and placing (3rd or 4th can’t recall) runner up in the final event. 

DVF: What did you speak on though?

Ferdinand: In this event being First Prince is an office of its own with social responsibility, Working with House of Twitch I run boys to men project helping young boys (girls are getting involved now too so I guess the name will have to change) to focus on their education and channel their creative sides to style, fitness and fashion. 
This was flagged off in July where we selected a couple of brilliant secondary school students who indicated an interest in fitness and modeling. This was done in Edo State, we also have done something similar in the Alfa Beach Lekki area, In this area.
The Platform of 1st Prince brings me the opportunity to speak on things that I am passionate about and can inspire a thought shift in people on gender violence, masculine pressure, societal pressure, sexism, depression, etc. In the interview segment, we discussed rape, consent, and what constituted sexual harassment. On the final day, my speech was focused on the need for males to understand their role in the emerging social order.

Ferdinand: There’s also a lot of stuff lined up so fingers crossed for them and be expectant, oh and I also run a beach studio and jungle gym which stays open once a week for free for indigenes to come and work out and learn about fitness and exercise routines and asides that I am generally a lover of the beach, it's a great spot. Water is one of the purest forms of life, most of the world is made from it. It is beautiful and peaceful, I try to be closest to nature to feel the power of the earth at it's rawest, most inspiring and calmest hence swimming pools, the beach, and water are attractions for me

DVF: Wow, that’s all so impressive. I can’t wait for everything you have planned to fully unfold and yeah I can definitely tell how much you enjoy the beach and also love to swim and why wouldn't you, you get to work out and show off that body, I don't blame you (laughs) 

Ferdinand: (Laughs) I love to swim, be in the pool, get a quick work out while I'm at it cause it has a lot of physical and health benefits and like you said, also show off my body hahaha 

DVF:  Yeah, I mean you work so hard for it, it's only fair that you show it off (Laughs). Earlier you mentioned meditating and from your photos, it's obvious that you really seem to enjoy it 
Ferdinand: Yeah meditating is something that I really enjoy doingI haven't always done it but I started to seek a deeper connection to life's meanings and the force between us led me to devolve myself as much as possible from everyday distractions and listen closely to my spirit. The world is noisy and meditation is essentially peace from the churning of your mind and understanding the baseline from which you operate the smallest units of life, It's like breathing and existing in the tranquil and it's very much a part of my daily life now

DVF: I'm sold, I think I would definitely give it a try. So back to the competition, did you find any aspect of it really challenging?
Ferdinand: The boot camp was tough, some days you could barely squeeze in three (3) hours of sleep. The walks were endless plus I am not much of a smiley face and you had to smile all the time.

DVF: Oh no (hahaha) you sure have to smile often.
How long did the boot camp last for?

Ferdinand: Haha Camp was a week-long
DVF: Let’s talk about modeling, was it part of the things you had an interest in and always wanted to give a try or was it kind of loosely forced upon you when the fitness side of things kicked off for you?

Ferdinand: I used to watch fashion TV a lot so I have always been into style and kind of liked to walk tall plus I got approached a lot by photographers so that kind of led me into modeling, I had my first paid runway while I was still in the University but I couldn’t meet up with the demands of traveling, etc so I gave that up. 
However, resuming modeling is directly linked to my fitness sojourn as paying more attention to my progress helped with confidence to want to go out and pass messages to the world through visual cues (which is what I think modeling ultimately is) 

DVF: Were you always photogenic or loved taking photos or did you have to build up those skills?
Ferdinand: I had to work on being photogenic, I got a few coaching lessons from major photographers and researched on it over the internet. Everything is online these days, the other stuff that I needed I just observed from people whose style I admire and learned along the way

DVF: You really seem to think everything through and that’s cool

Ferdinand: (Laughs) not all the time 

DVF: Well at least you do for things or issues that matter and that’s also why I have to ask about the anklets you wear, I’ve noticed that it’s become quite a topic of discussion that everyone around you or those of us who keep up with you on social media are curious about and I have to admit that I am too, why do you wear it?

Ferdinand: Haha hmmm, I’ve never been conventional however in a society that frowns at individuality a lot of us are forced to tow lines and blend into society. The anklet in its small way is my message of defiance to a system that’s been set to oppress withhold and suppress that birth of true talent, true harmony, true love, and true genius It’s my middle finger to a world that refuses to be honest about the forces that drive it, middle finger to the self-appointed god’s in society

DVF: Oh!! I see it’s your rebellion 

Ferdinand: Everything I do is a personal rebellion. My life is a message 

DVF: You see! , I told you, you think things through

Ferdinand:  Sometimes I don’t think at all I just do, people have been talking about my anklet for years, I have been labeled, they said it was a cult thing, they said it was men, they said it was drugs, they said it was this and that... (shrugs)

Life is a lot deeper than the surface. Here in Africa, In the past when men of certain tribes war anklets they were warriors, for some people a broken anklet symbolized freedom from slavery, For some it just meant that they were from the dancing tribes and for some it was to symbolize a libertine lifestyle.
I am not the first guy to rock one so all of the whisperings are so weird (laughs)

DVF: When did you start wearing yours?

Ferdinand: About five to six (5-6) years ago or so

DVF: That’s a long time, do you wear it all day, every day or you have like a time and place for it?

Ferdinand: I have three (3) anklets- the youngest is one point five (1.5) years old. In about six (6) years I have taken my anklet off about seven (7) days in total so I wear them all the time

DVF: You’re dedicated to this

Ferdinand: I am but sometimes my leg needs to breathe so sometimes for a day, I take it off 

DVF: Yeah, it needs to breathe too (laughs), has the whole anklet thing ever caused like a problem for you when it comes to dating?
Has any girl ever been like I hate this thing you wear and it’s kind of a turn-off?

Ferdinand: (Laughs) Nah. A couple of ladies have asked me to get for them, although an ex once called to tell me she didn’t like them I hadn’t started wearing anklets when we dated. I had a good laugh at that

DVF: Oh wow! Good thing y’all are exes and not current cause it would have caused a lot of issues. 

I actually thought (in some weird or crazy way) it was fitness related since you live and breath fitness (laughs) but now I know and I can relate to the fact that it’s like just your own unique thing that gives you power over people’s opinions of you

Ferdinand: Exactly, I also wear a nose ring occasionally and that has also brought up quite a few conversations too 

DVF: You must just get under their skin sometimes (laughs). Okay.... so still on the topic of what you wear, we have to discuss the shorts and scarfs combo, now did you just realize that you were into shorts and began wearing them so much, or is it as a result of you wanting to show off those quads? (laughs)
Ferdinand: Hmm... (laughs), I think yes, wearing shorts for me began more as a result of the confidence I got from beginning to take my leg training seriously, growing up I had the skinniest legs ever and would go to sleep in jean trousers so no one would see and laugh at my legs

DVF: Oh no, I’m sorry you felt that way and had to go through that 
Ferdinand: Yeah, thank you..... so anyway when I eventually decided to suck it up and train them and considering the amount of sheer pain you have to go through to adequately grow and rip your legs, wearing trousers all the time just seemed so stifling considering all the work I was putting in, So yeah wearing shorts became a thing as my confidence grew and considering I find legs incredibly sexy I decided to get a pair

DVF: If you’ve got it, flaunt it (laughs)

Ferdinand: Yeah Not forgetting also that legs are where true human strength lies so from an athletic standpoint it’s a win-win, consequently considering I have an idea of how I want to look and what I like to wear I ended up designing my shorts myself which I do now

DVF: Yeah, I saw that you not only design shorts but you also design gym wear and gear

Ferdinand: Yeah, that’s what inspired my brand Dfittribe and in time I plan on expanding it into other things too

DVF: That’s awesome, so I guess we can expect more short shorts and leg show-offs on your Timeline

Ferdinand: Haha we’ll see


DVF: Okay so wearing a scarf to the gym is a pretty odd choice of gym clothing but somehow, once again you don’t seem to care and still rock it with your sportswear to the gym

Ferdinand: Well it started when I had my hair in knots and was tired of wearing hats to cover it up so I began to use the scarf but wearing a scarf is for so many reasons not least of which it gives me tunnel vision and helps me zone in one hundred (100) percent when I workout.

I have a mental Idea of the kind of physique I am trying to create and the scarf gives visage on that journey and depending on the style I wear it, depends on the gears I intend to hit at the gym too but you have to also understand that generally when it comes to my personal style and how I wear clothes, I like accessories, anything that can take a look from basic and add a little more because my style generally is simple so accessories really help

DVF: Yeah, that's true... I noticed you like to accessorize too but wait a minute.... you had your hair in knots? I’m still trying to process that (laughs)

Ferdinand: Haha I did

DVF: Do you want to know why I think you love the scarf so much?

Ferdinand: Do tell me?

DVF: I think you enjoy standing out from the crowd, from following the norm and an accessory like a scarf, simple as it may seem, it stands you out especially in the one place where no one would ever think to wear one 
Ferdinand: Haha I guess you’re partly right but I don’t need a scarf to stand out though and it's not just a scarf, sometimes I wear a hoodie, a cap, my traditional neck bead, and even a beanie. Whatever helps me zone in

DVF: Right! Those insane routines you do at the gym are enough to make you stand out 

Ferdinand: “Always be the hardest worker in the room”

DVF: You sure live by what you preach

Ferdinand: (Laughs), I try. A lot of my messages are first of all memoirs to myself.

You're already venturing into designing along with everything else you already do but are there any other aspects of the entertainment industry that you would like to go into asides from modeling and fitness?

Ferdinand: Well, my manager has asked me for a few monologues, also there are a couple hosting activities lined up at the end of the year.

DVF: So we just might be seeing you in movies then?
Ferdinand: You’ll have to keep your fingers crossed for that

DVF: (Laughs) back to the hostings for a little bit, you seem to enjoy hosting too, I see you do that a lot already 

Ferdinand: Yeah, I sure do enjoy it. I enjoy giving value. If I can, I will

DVF: Okay so I’m going to ask you some random/ fun questions now

Ferdinand: Thank God

DVF: (Laughs) Why the “thank God”? Were the previous questions too deep?

Ferdinand: Kinda, but not really.... anyways random questions are a lot more fun 
DVF: Yeah, they are, okay.... so first one. What talent do you have that people generally do not know about?

Ferdinand: I am super fast with quick meals (laughs)

DVF: In what way exactly, super fast at eating or making them?

Ferdinand: Lmao, both! quick English meals, toast and stuff like that, I’m a self-proclaimed chef (laughs)
I don’t know if this is a secret talent but I dance every other night

DVF: Not just in your bedroom, you’re dancing in a lot of your Instagram stories 

Ferdinand: Yeah I dance on Instagram but not like this, this is like a routine for me every other night, when the day is over and I get home, I take a shower. I like to recap my day and make plans while meditating and dancing to good music, It’s like physical and mental exercise.

DVF: Ohh I see, so in everything you do all day, there’s an element of exercising, you’re exercising all day. Even when you get home and should be resting and chilling
Ferdinand: (Laughs) yeah but then not cause most days I’m so lazy that I don’t even get out of bed, I’m not a machine (laughs). 
Sometimes I am in bed then I see someone post a video of them jogging on the mountain or hills or having a jog as early as 4.30 a.m and I am like “shit are you even serious Ferdinand” 🤣 

DVF: (Laughs) Like, get out of bed. But seriously you do enough 

Ferdinand: That’s the thing, I don’t want to do enough. The goal is always to do more

DVF: Somewhere deep down in my heart, I knew you were going to reply me with that, the second I mentioned “ doing enough “ (laugh)

Ferdinand: Haha ... But yeah you have to think and act like the elite to be an elite so I often try my best to improve on my work ethic, It’s not easy but I do it anyway 

DVF: Okay so back to the fun questions... What’s your favorite color?

Ferdinand: Midnight blue

DVF: That’s a pretty specific shade of blue, is there any particular reason why it’s your favorite?

Ferdinand: I just find it so hot (laughs)

DVF: Ohh I see (laughs)... okay so what are your pet peeves?

Ferdinand: People with no respect for personal space and verbal diarrhea (People with no filter)
DVF: Asides from working out or eating, what’s the one thing you can’t go a whole day without doing?

Ferdinand: Pressing my phone (Laughs)

DVF: Good one, what’s your Favorite food?

Ferdinand: My favorite food to eat would have to be some spicy plate of assorted pepper soup and roasted yam 

DVF: Roasted Yam? You’re a real Nigerian man at your core (laughs)

Ferdinand: I sure am (Laughs)

DVF: So the last one... Which is your favorite body part between your Abs, chests, and biceps?

Ferdinand: Not sure I have any, I am more devoted to creating a masterpiece, so whatever area I feel is lacking in the grand idea of what I want to look like I readjust my training to it.

DVF: Hmmm... another sleek answer as always but I’m not letting you off that easily on this one, which do you admire the most when you look in the mirror?
Ferdinand: Hmm.... (laughs) I wasn’t lying but developing my legs is where I have made the most progress and concentrated fifty (50) percent of my forces in the last three (3) years, As for my abs I have been training that off and on for about fifteen (15) years, 

DVF: Yeah, I noticed that even in your throwback photos your abs were still there

Ferdinand: Yeah, and it’s been pretty easy for me to maintain, maybe that’s why sometimes I don’t see what all the fuss is about with my abs
DVF: Okay, that makes sense. We have to discuss your blog, I’ve been checking it out and I noticed that you don’t use your photos to represent or model your discussions or blog posts, You instead use random images of fitness trainers or models to do it. Why is that?

Ferdinand: The topics on my blog are broad-based I try to establish a different identity with my fitness writing and posts. So it doesn’t come off as self-aggrandizing, however, I’ll be using more of my pictures and videos in the future as I upgrade and remodel the site
DVF: I understand what you mean but still, your blog, website or social media are supposed to be like the one place that can be just about you and personally I feel like your audience will connect easily to an identifiable face or person

Ferdinand: It’s an issue of choice no? The idea for was to expand my knowledge of fitness to the world. It’s not about me 

DVF: Okay, cool now let’s discuss YouTube and why you’re not on it?
Ferdinand: YouTube, hopefully sometime this year. I Have so much going and I am often guilty of biting more than I can chew

DVF: You have such great knowledge to share On fitness and I believe strongly that the YouTube community is the best place for you especially since you can make money off the content you give, you’re currently just giving it off for free on your blog and social media 

Ferdinand: (Smiles) it’s not the same. A lot more thought needs to go into content and I do know and understand what you’re saying but currently, my attention is being pulled in a million different directions but I do plan on getting into YouTube soon though

DVF: Please do cause every time I see you post videos here and give all this detailed information about the workouts and the specifics I think to myself, there goes another YouTube video 

Ferdinand: Hahaha eighty (80) percent of my Instagram posts are meant to be informative, motivational or inspirational

DVF: Okay then, I trust you though. I know you know what you’re doing so I’ll just have my fingers crossed  over here, waiting on it

Ferdinand: Even though the money is not my motivation for what I do, you’re right, it is very important so I’ll be upgrading my site and getting on YouTube soon. I am all about upward and forward movement

DVF: Awesome. Can’t wait to see all of that unfold.
So what would be your ultimate dream when it comes to your career in fitness?

Ferdinand: For my brand and training methods and philosophies to be discussed in a tiny obscure living room in Bangkok or quiet sports field in Marrakech or big screen tv in Manhattan, so little time 

DVF: That’ll be amazing, I know right! So little time but so much to do, if there’s anything I’ve learned from this interview, it’s that nothing is impossible and you prove that every day already so just keep going

Ferdinand: Thank you so much

DVF: You're welcome... so I have to ask about this, generally I know as a bodybuilder you enjoy posing and I read a post where you spoke about the benefits of it but you seem to particularly love this pose and I want to know if there's any special reason for that

Ferdinand: Well you are right I really do like that pose, most bodybuilders who pose like to contract and squeeze their body to show their muscles, I believe in the opposite which is that the opening and expansion of the body is a majestic manner. Strong but athletic, raging like fire and fluid like water. Part closed, part open to create the perfect balance, like life.

DVF: Wow, like I mentioned earlier you think everything through, so finally... What would you like your legacy to be?

Ferdinand: A legend who inspired an order of his own through style, self-awareness, and fitness

DVF: I love that, I appreciate you giving me your time and talking to me like you would a friend, It’s been pretty fun

Ferdinand: Haha, thank you, Davis. One of my longest interviews ever (Laughs), but it was easy so thank you too.






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