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Hey beautiful people, how have you guys been? I hope you're all doing well...... thank you guys for taking the time to stop by The DvfStyleCollective and checking 
out my brand new interview with celebrated bitcoin broker Jide Banks.
Jide Banks is a driven, passionate, established, certified bitcoin and cryptocurrency broker who is best known for catering to the bitcoin and crypto needs of his clients. He has a charismatic and enterprising personality, he is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the business of crypto and I was so excited to get the opportunity to interview him and find out as much as I could about his life and the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency brokering

DVF: Welcome to the DvfStyleCollective Jide Banks, happy to have you here, and thank you for taking out the time to do this.

JBanks: Glad to be here Davis, thank you too 

DVF: The pleasure is all mine.... so why don't we get right to it. Tell me about yourself?

JBanks: I am Jide Akin popularly known as “Jide Banks”. 
I was born on the nineteenth of December and I’m in my late twenties (20’s). 
I was born in Ondo state and grew up in Akure, Ondo state.
As a kid art was my life. I could remember, I was always drawing. My Dad used to beat me for drawing in fact both my parents didn’t fancy it, they saw it as something bad so much that I also believed them and thought it was something bad actually.... until later when I realized people do it too and it was cool and I loved it so much that I later studied Fine Art. I have a Bsc in Fine Art. Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife

DVF: Really? That’s nice, tell me about your university days

JBanks: In my university days, I was into modeling and acting. I was Mr tourism of Osun state 2013, I’ve lived in several cities across Nigeria.

DVF: What made you live in different cities, was it intentional?

JBanks: Yes, it’s an interest I have always had and It was an intentional effort, even when it was time for me to do my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) I picked a state that I’ve never been, to serve there because of the interest and my love for adventure, I’ve lived in several cities across Nigeria. 
I think my favorite place that I have lived was Calabar, I love that city, I served there in 2016, I’ve lived in cities like Abuja, Benin, Ibadan, Akure, Ife, and Lagos.

DVF: That’s nice, what did you learn the most from doing that and tell me a little bit more about yourself?

JBanks: Honestly going through all those journeys to those different cities, for me it was more of a self-discovery journey, discovery into who I truly wanted to be, and what I really want out of life.
I see myself as a student of life, I have my own philosophies on life. I don’t believe in the Christian way, even though my Dad is a Pastor and my mum is a very solid member of the church and equally seen as a Pastor to most members. 
It’s easy to confuse me for an Atheist, I am one of the most adventurous people you’ll ever meet. Someday when I’m on my dying bed, I would love to be able to look back and say I tried everything, like I tried everything in life.

DVF: What’s your favorite thing to do when you travel to a new town or city?

JBanks: My favorite thing to do is to meet new people, learn about the best hang out spots in the area, learning about their cultures and practices

DVF: That’s wonderful. Was it hard for you to convince 
your parents about studying fine arts since it was something that they didn’t like?

JBanks: Very Hard! In all honesty, until today my Dad doesn’t know what I studied because I used another term for it, I called it “Industrial Art”. In some countries, Fine Art is regarded as industrial Art or Visual Art 

DVF: Oh wow, that’s smart. Let’s discuss your love for ent+ertainment, Were you always interested in modeling and acting, or did your love for it come to grow during your university days?

JBanks: I’ve always loved acting, even as a kid I was in the drama group in my church and coming from a very religious family, the thing I loved the most about church was the drama group I was a member of so acting is something that I’ve been passionate about since I was really young and as for the modeling part, I think I developed most of my interest for it in school.
I had friends who encouraged me to give it a try and when I did It really grew on me.

DVF: What kind of modeling did you do and how long did the modeling phase last?

JBanks: Mostly runways and pageantry, I used to just model for designers in school and partake in whatever pageantry shows I could get into, I was supposed to be a part of Mr. Universe Nigeria 2014 but sadly at that time I was really broke and had no one to fund my participation 
DVF: Sorry about that... How did you become MR Tourism for Osun State?

JBanks: There was a contest called Face Of Osun in 2013 and even
though I wasn’t from Osun State I had lived there long enough and become one with the state, it’s history and lifestyle and that gave me the confidence to apply for it and participate  

DVF: That’s nice, so how did the contest go.... obviously you won but give me details (Laughs)

JBanks: Sure... (smiles). One thing about me is that I can be really Cocky when I want to be so I took that boldness and confidence and merged it with my competitiveness and won. 
I just believe it was meant to be and everything aligned to make it happen because the crowd went took an immediate liking to me and went crazy when I walked and because I was really prepared I answered all the questions that were thrown at me correctly and without hesitation and that ultimately led to me winning 

DVF: I find that there’s a thin line between being cocky in a way that personally helps boost up your confidence level and coming off rude or abrasive to others

JBanks: That’s true and that’s why I try really hard to have a good balance and not throw people off or come across abrasive with it.
The truth is that my childhood wasn’t really that great because I struggled with being confident and at some point, it got really bad and affected my mental stability or peace 

DVF: I’m really sorry to hear that  

JBanks: Thank you.... but anyways going through all of that really helped to shape who I am today and It pushed me to learn how to love myself and become my best and most confident self

DVF: That’s wonderful. Tell me more about your education and experience at the university?

JBanks: I hated my school (laughs) .... but I loved the course I was studying, at that time it felt like I was doing what I was meant to be doing and It gave my life more meaning but on the flip side of that I was having a really tough time in my department and faculty.  
I didn’t get along well with most of my lecturers and departmental 

DVF: Sadly I can 100 percent relate to that, I had a very similar experience 

JBanks: Yeah, it’s unfortunately common especially when you are the kind of student who’s majorly into the school's social activities. In my case, It was extra because I was juggling modeling and acting alongside my studies and they didn’t like that at all so I was always quiet and minding my business when it came to my faculty

DVF: Tell me about your painting experience?

JBanks: Well like I mentioned earlier on, I felt like I was doing something meaningful with my life and that I was on the right path and I was really serious about it to some extent but I was also combining it with modeling and schooling and that was already tough enough for me. 
I still persevered and I remember selling a few of my paintings and artful birthday cards but I wasn’t really making much money from it, I didn’t sell many paintings because people were not willing to buy them at my price and because I know how much hard work I put in and the quality of what I was producing I also wasn’t willing to sell them cheap 
DVF: That must have hurt?

JBanks: It did but I had some wonderful things happen too. 
I actually have an artwork (craft) displayed at the National History Museum in Obafemi Awolowo University among others made by few people from my department too, even though it’s just a small craft displayed there for academic reasons.... but having it displayed there then till date gives me that validation that my creativity and creations are worth what I say they’re worth

DVF: Did your background and childhood experience in painting make it easy for you to learn professional painting when you got into the university?

JBanks: First of all I still have a lot to learn when it comes to art and painting but to answer your question..... It was easy and hard at the same time, It was a little easier because I obviously already could draw and I loved to do it but it was hard because I did not like the teaching and learning structure in my department was very rigid 

DVF: Do you have a count of how many paintings you’ve ever made?

JBanks: Not really because I made so many when I was still in the learning phase that I’ve lost count of but when I began to actually do it professionally... I’d say I probably made about fifteen (15) and I currently have about four (4) in my possession now. 
I’ve been working on a few new ones but because I’m so busy I haven’t been able to finish them 

DVF: So that means that you never fully gave up on that side of you and will still possibly consider it professionally?

JBanks: Yeah.... someday I’d like that but for. now I’m just an artist. I don't create art for profit/commercial purposes.... for now

DVF: Okay... I completely understand that. Let’s talk about the world of Bitcoin, what drew your attention to bitcoin, crypto, and that world of business... did someone refer it or introduce you to it?

JBanks: Bitcoin value was increasing at that time so I acquired about fifty dollars ($50) worth and it increased, so I started buying and selling..... then the market value fell at some point and that pushed me to dive into really studying how the system worked and I started gaining more knowledge and experience dealing with the rise and fall of the bitcoin/crypto market price, this knowledge and experiences gave me the foresight to predict a future rise or decrease in value. 

This strategy helped me in developing and making a profit off cryptocurrency, also to teaching and helping people invest in cryptocurrency, most especially bitcoin and no one referred or introduced me to it, It’s just something that I had seen and heard about and personally decided to give it a try

DVF: At this point, you had given professional painting a try and it didn’t quite work out how you hoped, so was it the idea of making money the thing that made you decide to give Bitcoin investment a try?

JBanks: As much as it’s something that I immediately developed a deep interest in and a sense of connection towards, I have to say yes because we’re human and everybody wants to make money, so there is always a desire to make money as a factor in going into any business

DVF: Absolutely true. How long did it take you before you knew this was something you wanted to take seriously and focus on as a career?

JBanks: It was pretty simple, I made more money in crypto than any other thing I did, so I took it more and more serious and eventually decided to focus all of my energy, time, and resources on it, It honestly didn’t take me long at all

DVF: Tell about your customers or clients?

JBanks: I have a good reputation and a good reputation is very important in doing this type of business because it’s always a lot of money that’s being entrusted into my hands and in most cases, my clients don’t have a day to day or personal relationship with me and have to rely on my credibility and reputation. 

DVF: Asides your reputation, what else makes you a stand out and trustworthy bitcoin and crypto trader, that should encourage people to invest with you?

JBanks: Testimonies: All the people that have invested in bitcoin through me are happy that they did because it’s always a SUCCESS.
I don’t just sell bitcoin to customers, my services extend further than that when I tell people to invest in bitcoin, I give them an extensive foresight on the progress of bitcoin value within the investment duration and that’s one of the prowess that makes me an outstanding ‘Bitcoin Broker’.
That ability to predict or forecast bitcoin value over a period Is due to my constant and consistent research and research methods,

Fast Payments: I also pay customers immediately bitcoin is received and also send bitcoin out immediately payments are received.  I understand that anybody selling or buying bitcoin needs it immediately, so I make that a top priority. 

DVF: Would you call yourself a bitcoin guru?

JBanks: I prefer the term “Bitcoin Broker”. I’m a legitimately registered cryptocurrency vendor now but it took a lot before I got to this point, lots of training and certification processes and because of that I know I have rightfully earned that title 

DVF: Yeah, you sure do. What are the five most important things that someone who wants to go into or invest in Bitcoin /Crypto should know?

JBanks: 1. The fundamental basics (which is how to calculate, convert, receive, send, trade, etc). 
2. You need to have a full understanding of the risk.

3. You really need to be able to exercise Patience 
4. Security (step verification is mandatory on your wallet, also awareness of scams and potential hackers). You need to learn all of the proper security processes and how to safely implement them to prevent being duped or scammed and of cause be very aware of the activities of hackers, scammers and have a backup plan.

5. When it comes to Investing, always make sure that you invest what you can afford but invest Big!!!!

DVF: Glad you mentioned the activities of hackers and scammers. There is sadly a huge surge of fraudsters that have used the business of bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a medium to manipulate, steal and scam people of their money or bitcoin investments, and that has negatively shaped or affected the way the public generally views the world of Crypto/ Bitcoin in general, how does that make you feel and what are your thoughts generally on the entire situation??

JBanks: Well, unfortunately, that’s the type of world we live in today.  For example, weapons are used to defend countries, fight wars, protect human lives and still those same weapons are what terrorists and bad people use to carry out attacks.

Cryptocurrency is the easiest way to make a payment or receive payment between people around the world, anything good could be used for evil and that’s one of the major risks of this business but thankfully because of the past experiences with people whose sole intentions are just to use it in a negative or bad way there are lots of verification processes and security personnel set up by the authorities and government to deal with that so it has become very difficult to hack or scam people and even those that try or eventually do it never end up walking free, the long hand of the law thankfully always catches up to them

DVF: Glad to hear that..... If someone has unfortunately fallen victim to hackers or scammers, would you personally be able to rebuild the person's trust in the business again and how would you do it?

JBanks: Yes sure, there is always a human factor of fear, nobody wants to be a victim the second time. I have tutorials on Cryptocurrency security that I recommend for people in situations like that to prevent such from happening again and to educate them on proper crypto security

DVF: That’s wonderful. Do you think this is something that you have enough passion for to last as a lifetime career path or do you think you’re using it as a current means of income until you’re able to move on to achieving other goals of yours?

JBanks: I believe that I already have long term customers /investors that depend on my services and for me, I think this is something that will expand into a much bigger brand, so I don’t see it as just a means to an end, I do have enough passion and love for it to see it through as a lifetime career because let’s face it, bitcoin is the future and someday soon we will all spend only virtual money and currency (paper) will go into extinction

DVF: I think you’re most definitely right.....what has been your most memorable or favorite moment since you got into the business of cryptocurrency and what has been your least favorite moment so far?

JBanks: The first time bitcoin tripled the market value and I made triple of my investment and my least favorite..... (exhales) I’ve had many but it’s probably anytime the bitcoin value drops below my expectations but I think that is normal when it comes to stock business or brokerage

DVF: From your experience what are the common misconceptions that people who want to invest in bitcoin or crypto have?

JBanks: There are a lot but the most common is that they think bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme like MMM was (laughs)

DVF: Most people when they hear about Bitcoin/cryptocurrency or brokerage in general, there’s this idea that it’s only for the rich, what’s your take on that?

JBanks: Yes they think it’s for the rich and not something they should or can be a part of!
I see that as mental slavery but that’s just another story for another day (laughs)

DVF: Yeah... a whole other story of its own (smiles). Okay.... let’s loosen things up a little bit and do a round of fun/ random questions.

JBanks: Okay, I’m ready

DVF: Tell me about your personal style, what fashion means to you, and what your favorite color is?

JBanks: I think the way a man presents himself to the world is very important. I think we humans as a species judge based on what we see, so looking good, smart, and sharp is a priority for me. I spend a lot on fashion each month but for me, it’s never too much because It’s a major key both personally and for the business and my favorite color is black 

DVF: That’s nice, what do you do for fun?

JBanks: I love to try new things, I enjoy going to new places, trying out new hangout spots and anything new and adventures

DVF: Still on that note how much of a toll does being a bitcoin broker take on your personal and social lifestyle?

JBanks: Well, it is tough sometimes to find the time to socialize but I have managed to find a way to balance everything, the Jide Banks personality and the business side of me as a bitcoin broker have all become one package now. I really can’t separate one from the other, even when I’m socializing with friends, acquaintances or on a date I’m still on my phone making deals or having quick conversations with clients, multitasking is my new normal

DVF: Do you have any hidden talents or abilities that people generally don’t know about?

JBanks: Probably the fact that I act and create art. I think eighty percent (80%) of people I know see me as a businessman. Only a few people who have a history with me know about my love for Art and acting

DVF: Yeah.... so we’re finally down to the last and final question... what would you like to be your legacy one day and where do you see the JideBanks Bitcoin brand going? What are your ultimate dreams and goals for it?

JBanks: JBanks: I want people to remember me as a man that came from nothing, made it, and became “somebody” even through all of the doubts and trials.
As for my brand, I see it going in the direction of expansion, expansion, and even more expansions...... I see the Jide Banks brand growing into a finance and brokerage company. Also, I love to see people win and what I love more than to see people win is helping people win, I want to have an empire that’s dedicated to helping people raise capitals to fund and fulfill their dreams and also fulfilling my own dreams.
I think this is the part where we can truly say “We rise by lifting others”

DVF: That’s amazing, I love to hear stuff like that, it makes me very hopeful about the future (smiles).
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview and answering all of my questions, it’s been really fun, informative and I can’t wait to witness all of the greatness that is to come from the JideBanks Brand.

JBanks: It’s been wonderful and I enjoyed it. Thank you too

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